Linux VPS – Linux Taking Over on the Cloud

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Countless individuals across the globe start their own website due to various goals. But whether the website targets to earn money or as an information page, investing on a good cloud host became a mandatory practice for web masters. Nowadays, Linux VPS cloud hosting buzzed across the cyber world because of its stability and other benefits offered for website owners.

If you are planning to build a website, know the following reasons why VPS cloud starts to dominate the market and  the benefits it provides.

Guaranteed Stability

Website owners need their websites visible at all times. It ensures entrepreneurs will reach their target market while promoting better communication with their potential clients. Website will be inaccessible, on most cases, due to server downtime and crashes. Once this occurred, the website will be down for some depending on the server problem’s issue and be disadvantageous for the company. With a stable Linux VPS, clients don’t have to worry about having inaccessible website due to its boosted stability.

Perfect for Expanding Businesses

Entrepreneurs target business expansion. As the business expands, it also requires expansion of various business essentials like a website. Website expansion means more files must be placed on the page for better impression while other companies need to build multiple websites necessary for their business. This requires higher RAM and storage space for the server. Linux VPS is designed and promoted perfect for expanding businesses as clients can expand memory and storage capacity whenever needed without affecting general website operations. All settings will be adjusted to the newly installed features and assure better function for businesses.

Cost-effectiveness as an Investment

Website owners are often concerned about price. They need numerous services in maintaining their websites while paying for a server. Fortunately, Linux VPS cloud hosting is available in different prices that suit business owners’ budget and business size. If you are starting a business, invest on a more affordable VPS cloud hosting but ensure to work with a reliable host provider online. As your business expands, discuss with your service provider about add on services or upgrades to match its demands. You will save money by matching VPS services with your current business’ demands.

Multiple Service Providers

As more people look for this service, more companies decide to provide VPS cloud hosting and meet the industry’s demands. Clients, on the other hand, find this beneficial since they can compare different service providers and find the most reliable ones and matching their budget.

Overall Customer Support

Customer support should come with the service and a lot of hosting providers offer support in managing servers. They have technical support for following up tickets for server problems and customer support for any other inquiries. Sales and product upgrade assistance are also offered to guarantee customer satisfaction for current clients.

How to Clean a Computer Keyboard Effectively

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Clean Up Your Dirty Keyboard!

I was typing another article on my work PC the other day, and I noticed that it had some crumb-like things underneath or between some keys. When I looked closely, I could also see traces of oil where my fingertips had been mere seconds earlier. I instantly knew what I had to do: clean up my keyboard, and then maybe write an article about it.

The keyboard is perhaps the most-used computer peripheral. Of course, you can make a case for the optical mouse as well, but the keyboard generally sees more action because most people use computers to type stuff in. With many moving parts (the keys) and those recesses between them, the keyboard is a hot zone for dirt, dust, and crumbs to fall into. Over time, they can accumulate, generally mucking up your keyboard.

To effectively clean your keyboard, you’ll need some spare cloth or some of those fancy microfiber cleaning cloths. Make sure you have any cleaning implements you want to use at the ready.

As quoted from Bluechipstech where you can find good reviews about the best printers 2017, first you need to unplug the keyboard from your computer. This will make your cleaning task easier since you can move the keyboard around freely without having to worry about the cord.

Next, shake the keyboard moderately both upright and upside down. This will help shake off dust and other particles nestled between the keys. If you see some particles or crumbs that are hard to shake off the recesses of your keyboard, try blowing hard on it or use compressed air to really get those things out. You can also use a brush to sweep away the crumbs.

Once you’ve gotten the flakes and crumbs out, you can now clean the surfaces of the keyboard using your cleaning cloth. Make sure you make the cleaning cloth damp so that you can remove the oil or other substances that are stuck to your keys and keyboard frame.

Use another piece of cloth and gently wipe the surface of the keyboard so that it will dry faster. Plug your keyboard back into its slot in the CPU and voila—you’ve got a keyboard that is as good as new.

Make sure you regularly clean your keyboard. Not only will this help give you longer service life out of your computer peripherals, it will also prevent any insects from making a mess in your keyboard. Who knows, a clean keyboard might be just the kick you need to get started on that paper or report.

For more details, we recommend you to watch the following video ;

Acer Aspire S3 13.3 inch Review : MacBook Air alternative

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Aspire S3 13.3 inch Ultrabook is Acer’s alternative to Apple’s MacBook Air. It comes in three different configurations with Intel’s i5 or i7 processor and SSD disk as option at i5 models. Unfortunately you cannot get i7 processor in combination with SSD disk which would be the reasonable combination.

You will immediately recognize Acer Aspire S3 because of its super thin design. The frame is made of aluminium and is very solid and elegant. Body made of metal gives this ultrabook very prestige touch. Aluminium body is also great because it allows the computer to cool through it so the fans work only in the hottest conditions.

Acer software

Acer’s ultrabook comes with preinstalled Windows 8 operating systems with many additional features developed by their engineers. The function I absolutely love is Acer Green Instant on. It allows you to simply put your S3 in sleep mode and when you need it, it starts in less than 2 seconds. It is great feature which helps you to save tons of time and also extends the battery life. Talking about the battery life, I was really impressed with it. At normal use it lasted just a little bit over 5 hours which is great for such a small and light laptop.

Keyboard, touchpad and ports

S3 ultrabook is equipped with Acer’s signature FineTip keyboard which is just amazing. The keyboard is lit so you can easily work in dark. The keys have small spaced between each other so you can type very fast and accurately. This computer has, as most of the other newer Acer laptops, multi-gesture trackpad which allows you to use two fingers to scroll, rotate etc.

There are 2 USB ports, HDMI port, 2-in-1 card reader and 3.5mm jack for headphone. USB ports are using older 2.0 technologies which are quite inconvenient because models S3 is trying to compete with such as Apple MacBook Air and Asus Zenbook are both equipped with much faster 3.0 technology. Ports are also located at the back of the computer which can cause some problems when you want to plug the USB device in and you have to turn the machine around to see what you are doing.

Amazing performance, great price

As mentioned before, Acer Aspire S3 comes with i3 processor. It is using Intel’s graphic system which performs great, great speakers which provide loud and rich sound, build-in webcam and Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. All that comes at a fraction of a price of Apple Macbook Air… This laptop is great for gaming and if you want to play multiplayer online gaming, simply add the best gaming routers 2017 and you can play with other gamers out there. We highly recommend you to try this laptop because this laptop is sold at affordable price and there are many customers very pleased with the quality of this laptop.


Home Network Backup Choices

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When you are buying a home network storage, it makes a lot of sense to use home network storage as a repository of individual computers backups. You want a home network backup. You may have important files in your Documents directory, or you may have family photos and music files that you really do not want to lose. Your valuable music is on hard disks, and so are your videos. How can you back them up using a home network backup server?

A lot of people are leary of doing backups of their laptops and desktops because they never found a successful way of making the backups work for them. Take Microsoft Windows, for example. You would think a basic function such as file backup would be built into the home network backup on Vista for instance. And yes, it is built in. But the included Backup and Restore function in Vista is highly rudimentary, and hardly configurable. It just seems that Microsoft decided they want to offer a product that addresses the largest common denominator. Unfortunately, they made a “one click” program that works for a few people, yet wastes most other people’s time, and does not give complete backup or satisfactory backup options to most.

Sure, there are paid programs out there, and online backups. But who wants to wait days for a gigabyte backup to complete over the slow uplink internet connection?

There are, however, quality local network backup solutions for instance programs like CrashPlan, or the local version of Mozy backup. Or even Cobian Backup. These programs are configurable, and well written. However, they require a solid backup device. And this is where a large home network backup drive comes in.

The features that are important for home network backup and restore purposes are:

  • Large storage capacity
  • Sufficient transfer and writing speed
  • 100% availability, any time
  • Optionally, redundant storage for safety
  • Remote location
  • Ability to do wireless home network backup

A well configured home network backup device will check on all parts except the last one. Modern hard drives that are installed in a home network backup device have terabyte capacities. When attached to a gigabit network, or sometimes even on a fast ethernet, 100 megabit network, the transfer speeds are usually sufficient. The point number three is a big one. A home network storage can be configured such that it is always available, regardless of availability of any particular computer. Alternatively, home network storage device is configurable such that, when in sleeping mode to save energy, it can be awaken as soon as the backup request comes in. As for redundancy, many two or more disk network storage units have the possiblity of including redundancies through RAID-1 to RAID-4 redundant disk configurations. The only feature that is missing is the “remote location”, or off-site backup. By definition, the home network storage will be local.

To remedy for this situation, and to backup remotely, off-site, many home network storage users use their home network backup disks as intermediary backup storage, and use an online backup of the network backup as a remote, off-site backup.

HostGator Web Hosting Review 2017

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I have been online for about 6 years now and I have tried out many different web hosts during this time.

In this article I am going to review Hostgator shared web hosting plan. I dont know how their VPS plans are or how their dedicated servers fare.

Hostgator is pretty much one of the most popular and professional web hosting companies out there. I have hosted with HostGator, StableHost, eWebGuru, SharkSpace (Now Eleven2), Bluehost and HostMonster.

So this review of HostGator is based on my experience with them and comparing them with other shared web hosting companies.

Let me get straight to the point without all the technical stuff. HostGator rocks !!! I mean, they are not the perfect web hosting company you would want. However, I am yet to find that “perfect” company in the economy range. Sure there maybe some companies like RackSpace which are totally awesome. But, you need to understand the price difference here.

What I like about Hostgator

* Stable hosting. My site hasn’t crashed ever while I hosted it with them

* They value their customers. I once had an issue with the customer rep giving me wrong information. When I reached out to them, they gave me the correct information and even gave me an additional discount for their mistake

* Quick response. While they are not as quick as SharkSpace, they are damn fast. Sometimes I get replies within 3 minutes of raising an issue

* Doesn’t overload their servers with huge number of websites

* Experienced and knowledgeable technical staff

* Affordable pricing. While they might not be the cheapest, they do offer the best value for money in my experience

What I do not like about Hostgator hosting

There is only one thing I do not like about them. They oversell. While it is true that they do not overload their servers, they definitely oversell.

Overselling means, they promise something that is unrealistic. One example is that they provide unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. How do you think anyone can give unlimited disk space? There should be a limit to how much they can provide a customer.

It’s usually a marketing technique and based on the assumption that people do not utilize more than a certain expected amount of disk space and bandwidth. Most people never use more than 100MB of disk space or 1 GB of bandwidth.

So is there any catch? Yes. Just like any hosting company, they do have a fair usage policy. If you utilize above a certain threshold, they will shut down your site. Now. Don’t panic. The threshold is usually very high and most people never reach there.

There are cases where you get a flood of traffic to your site when your site hits the front page of DIGG or something similar. In those cases, they might shutdown your site temporarily. If it happens too often, they will shut down your account.

In my opinion, a normal site owner needn’t worry about these things. Since heavy traffic is usually associated with site popularity. The more popular your site, the more money normally it brings in. Hence, you can afford to pay for more expensive hosting.

Conclusion of This Web Hosting Review

I’d definitely recommend you go ahead and get yourself a hostgator hosting. In case you need help with setting up your hosting, you can always contact me and I will help you out. No strings attached.

I have been online for about 6 years now and I have tried out many different web hosts during this time.

Why Do You Need Network Consultants

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If you have a network you just finish setting up and have everything working fine, I guess that there is also something more that is missing. Are you able to tell what?

Why do you need network consultants?

You will need the help and expertise of a network consultant for many reasons. Also, organizations and companies need the services of these guys, too, so don’t think even for a second that you are the only one contracting their services. So the reason you need them is because there may be times when your personal team will not be in its top shape or members will be missing out that day, just when you need some good assistance.

Basically, network consultants are that missing staff that you need so much to have everything running up nice and smooth. It doesn’t matter what are the reasons, what’s important is that when you choose the services of such consultants, to make sure it’s a wise decision that you are taking. You can read on and find out what steps are there required in order to hire a network consultant.

Steps in choosing a network consultant

1. First you would want to have a diagram of your network made. As a tool for this job you can use Visio which is available for Windows or if you don’t need such software, you can draw it on your own. I personally recommend Visio for it is a nice tool which serves as good documentation

2. Have your tasks, needs and also your business plan listed. Make sure that you make clear what the objectives you need to achieve are

3. Keep track of your records and determine the starting date of the project and the estimated time of completion and also the price for your network consultants (wage or pay)

4. Meeting up with at least three consulting companies to have your project presented and discussed thoroughly can offer you different vision on it and also different pricings and time frames when it comes to completing it. If by chance you know some companies which are regularly using network consultants go ahead and asked them to provide you with referrals. Make sure to ask key questions, questions you really are interested in, like the estimated time of completion, how many similar projects they have completed, how long are they doing business for and also a time when you will be expecting their proposal

5. Now you need to get a list of references from the network consultants. Then call those companies and ask them about the quality of the consultants that have been offering their services to them

6. Last but not least, it’s vital to mind all factors when you are about to make such a decision. Carefully check every proposal and the estimated time of completion and also the cost of it. Make sure that after you finish the deal with the consultant, there is a team waiting for you to take it from there

What is a Router and Why Do We Need Router ??

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Before going into the technical details about a router, consider your local mail man. He delivers your mails based on the address written on the top of your mails. You may send a mail from one country to another and even then they are redirected to the correct post offices and finally the mail man delivers it to the intended destination. This exactly, is the function of the router. In the internet communication or data transfer is in the form of packets. These packets are delivered to the destination with the help of the destination address associated with each packet.

What is router ??

** How Does A Router Work?

A router basically forwards the packets across two different networks. It is basically used for interconnecting different LANs or WANs. The internet is made possible with the help of many routers. The function a router performs is termed as routing.

The incoming packets are queued at one end of the router. Each of these devices has customized hardware and software which determines the best route based on the routing algorithm configured on the router. They are normally placed at the gateways which are the point of connection between different computer networks.

Normally we use home routers to connect our machine to the internet. These routers are termed as IP routers (Cable modem or DSL).

Routers are devices that works on the Layer 3 (Network Layer) of the OSI model. They do work on Layer 1 (Physical Layer) and Layer 2 (Data Link layer), but the routing decisions which include which path to take etc are done on the third layer. They work on IP addresses and when a packet arrives, it strips the header, analyzes the source and destination address and forwards it accordingly.

Routers have tables configured with details of the neighboring routers and connected devices so that they can quickly decide which route to take rather than flooding the network with request to know the destination. ICMP and other such protocols are used for inter router communication and route configuration.

** Why Do We Need A Router?

Normally it is almost impossible to communicate between two different networks directly because they would be completely different in terms of architecture, data formats used, data representation and such factors. Even if we send data directly, the destination may get this data in an unrecognized data format.

They also connect different networks that do not share the common network address. In case of huge companies, they may use private IP addresses within their network. if computers in that network need to communicate with the internet or another network, they need a public IP which the router will take care of. Normally it is implemented in proxy servers but routers are also able to handle them.

You will also need a router if you have several computers in your LAN and need to connect it to the internet. A switch may be a logical alternative, but it all depends on your requirements. L3 switches are an alternative to routers, but they are costly. Again, in corporate environments L3 Switches may be used due to the flexibility they provide. Need to connect to the internet even easier, you can choose the best wireless routers 2017 on the market because you can connect without any cables at all, all can be done wirelessly.

Types Of Routers

1. Core router
2. Inter-provider border router
3. Subscriber edge router
4. Edge router
5. Wireless Router

Various Routing Protocols Used

2. IS-IS
3. RIP
6. BGP

Understanding The Functionality Of Network Monitoring

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Network monitoring is very essential for companies and small business to have control over the functionality of several workstations. The delivery of a service will be largely based on the condition of the network that handles the operation. With the use of special software applications, companies can monitor the performance of each network from anywhere in the world. With the popularity of cloud based computing or the virtual private server services, the need for a fool proof network is increasing rapidly.

There are many aspects of a network that needs monitoring. Some of them are elaborated as follows.

Monitoring of the performance

Performance of a network should be monitored from time to time, in order to avoid server crashes. Synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring and web logs can be used to understand the performance of the website.

Notifying about network errors

One of the highlights of using monitoring tools is that any hiccups in the network or reports on system failure, will be alerted to the clients through various means of communication. The preloaded solutions that are loaded on to the system will provide scope for self healing of the errors. This will enable the users to experience error free services at all times.

Troubleshooting and resolving the network issue

Through the support of remote connectivity to the servers, monitoring tools can troubleshoot network issues with ease. These tools also automate the fault remediation in order to correct various flaws in the system.

Network mapping

Networking mapping facility allows the client to oversee the network diagram in order to check for networking bottlenecks affecting the server. This will allow the firm to make use of the right tools in order to increase the networks functionality.


Networking tools can be customized in order to increase the effectiveness of the operations. It is important to make use of the right kind of tools by observing the functionalities of each entity in network management software. By making use of additional plug-ins or add-ons, one can clearly increase the productivity to a great deal.

Network monitoring tools are used to check for any errors in the system using FTP, HTTP, POP3 and SMTP. These will also keep a check on the content that is transferred via the network. Any glitches related to slow response time, downtime or uptime, will be reported to the client with the help of network performance reports that can be utilized to assess the needs of the network.

Data leakage or unnecessary usage of bandwidth can be controlled with the use of these tools. The alerts sent to the central administrating teams will help them to take actions. Any loopholes in the network can be corrected before it gets to the end users. Unauthorized file transfer or data theft can be monitored to a great extent with the help of monitoring tools. Network monitoring tools are a great asset for companies to restrict any unauthorized activity to take place on the network.