Understanding The Functionality Of Network Monitoring

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Network monitoring is very essential for companies and small business to have control over the functionality of several workstations. The delivery of a service will be largely based on the condition of the network that handles the operation. With the use of special software applications, companies can monitor the performance of each network from anywhere in the world. With the popularity of cloud based computing or the virtual private server services, the need for a fool proof network is increasing rapidly.

There are many aspects of a network that needs monitoring. Some of them are elaborated as follows.

Monitoring of the performance

Performance of a network should be monitored from time to time, in order to avoid server crashes. Synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring and web logs can be used to understand the performance of the website.

Notifying about network errors

One of the highlights of using monitoring tools is that any hiccups in the network or reports on system failure, will be alerted to the clients through various means of communication. The preloaded solutions that are loaded on to the system will provide scope for self healing of the errors. This will enable the users to experience error free services at all times.

Troubleshooting and resolving the network issue

Through the support of remote connectivity to the servers, monitoring tools can troubleshoot network issues with ease. These tools also automate the fault remediation in order to correct various flaws in the system.

Network mapping

Networking mapping facility allows the client to oversee the network diagram in order to check for networking bottlenecks affecting the server. This will allow the firm to make use of the right tools in order to increase the networks functionality.


Networking tools can be customized in order to increase the effectiveness of the operations. It is important to make use of the right kind of tools by observing the functionalities of each entity in network management software. By making use of additional plug-ins or add-ons, one can clearly increase the productivity to a great deal.

Network monitoring tools are used to check for any errors in the system using FTP, HTTP, POP3 and SMTP. These will also keep a check on the content that is transferred via the network. Any glitches related to slow response time, downtime or uptime, will be reported to the client with the help of network performance reports that can be utilized to assess the needs of the network.

Data leakage or unnecessary usage of bandwidth can be controlled with the use of these tools. The alerts sent to the central administrating teams will help them to take actions. Any loopholes in the network can be corrected before it gets to the end users. Unauthorized file transfer or data theft can be monitored to a great extent with the help of monitoring tools. Network monitoring tools are a great asset for companies to restrict any unauthorized activity to take place on the network.