About me

Welcome to ApolloDataTech.com – A small community for networking professionals as well as system administrators.

If you want to learn about computer networking, Voice over IP and more you have come to the right place.

I have been very enthusiast to computers ever since I got my hands on my first computers about 10 years ago. Since then I have tried to explore PC or computers in all aspects. As many people say, failure is the small step stone to success. I have learned many things from my failures as well as mistakes and here I try to share everything with you.

My passion for computers bring me to take my Computer Science and Engineering Degree. When most of my friends around me were hooked with games on their computers, I do something different and more interested in the computer security aspects and also the possibilities of computer networking. I have began developing a serious passion for PC networks after I started learning it for my engineering program. As a result of my passion for networking, now I an working on of the most reputable company and now I am staying in their Voice over IP team.