The Advantages of Computer Networking For Business

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I had blogged about company networking previously and it should be an eye opener for entrepreneurs for realizing the need for a network within their company. Business computer networking is a very common thing to see today, with most companies, form the smallest to the largest, have an active computer network in their offices. These networks are mostly created in order to share a single internet connection and save money, but in some cases these networks can have other purposes as well such as physical resource sharing.

Business purpose network can include several computers and a lot of networking hardware. This is why you will probably need the help of a professional to purchase the needed network and to properly connect everything in order to have a working network. You can also consider seeking the services of a network consultant for the purpose of maintaining the network.

If you don’t have a business network yet I will have to give you some reasons to start benefiting right now:

* Printer sharing – your employees will no longer need to wait in line in order to use the only computer that is connected to a printer. Imagine the amount of time you save. Every minute your employee saves results in higher utilization for your business, also you can combine between the best photo printers 2017 with your computer networking and if your photo printer have wireless features, you and anyone in your network can print wirelessly from your mobile devices, laptop, notebook, etc (no cable needed at all)

* File sharing – reports and other important information will no longer need to be printed out and sent physically to your office desks. Once a person finishes the report, the same can be emailed to the intended recipients or put on a common shared folder so that anyone can access them

* Remote access – one of your workers is out of town and he forgot to bring some files with him for his business meeting. If you have a network established he will simply connect to his computer from anywhere in the world and get the files he needs without any more time being wasted. This is especially useful in cases of remote monitoring or using ACE or ACS or other servers

* Seamless communication – everyone knows what everyone else is doing, so your employees can organize themselves easier and collaborate for making work easier and faster

* Data protection – because you are using a network you are able to create duplicates of files on a server and ensure that if something happens to the original files (hard drive failure or they are deleted by accident) you have the copies to work with.

Now, this is probably a list of some of the things that you see that lacks in your business. By investing in the benefits of the business computer networking, you will be able to see a growth in productivity and this means a successful business. Business computer networking is the technology of the present that allows your company to grow faster and become what you have envisioned when you started it

Computer Hub, What it is ??

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A hub simply acts as a multi port repeater. If you remember the OSI model, the layer 1 was the physical layer. This device works on the layer 1 of the OSI model. It performs the function of connecting several ethernet devices together.

They work as a broadcast medium. No methods of analyzing or controlling the traffic coming to them is implemented. If there are n number of output ports, when a packet comes into it’s incoming port,the ethernet hub forwards the packet to all the n number of output ports. The result is

1. Packet Collision
2. Network Congestion

There is no method for a hub for identifying what is the data that is sent and what is the destination or even the source of the packet. It is just a means to amplifying the signal when we talk in electronics terms.

Ethernet hubs are fairly inexpensive and they are used as basic connecting devices. As of now, ethernet hubs are almost extinct. No network uses them due to their poor network traffic management. You have better options available such as switches, routers etc.

If you want, you can use the hubs as a temporary replacement for a switch. Never try this in a corporate environment though. If you have a small network, you are probably fine with hub as a temporary replacement.

** Some uses of ethernet hubs

1. Protocol analyzer
2. Cluster communication
3. Temporary switch replacement
4. Connect devices that support only 10BASE2

I am not going into details about hub’s as they are no longer relevant and extremely outdated.

What is Network Switch ??

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A network switch is a device almost similar to a hub. However it does not have the flooding issues that an Ethernet hub has. It is a device used to connect and allow data flow between computers on the same network. It has a logical processor which decides where the incoming traffic must be routed to.

A network switch can support 10/100 Mb/s or 10/100/1000 Mb/s port transfer rates. Most often wee see that in a network, all the switches have the same speed. The reason for this policy being implemented throughout the network is because a slow network switch can become a bottleneck. The switches has the ability to choose the routes unlike a hub and similar to a router. However having switches of different speed, limits this functionality.

Network bridge is another term we use to refer to a switch. Normally switches works on layer 1 and layer 2 and takes decision on layer 2 of the OSI model. So it is basically a layer 2 device. There are layer 3 switches, commonly referred to as L3 switches. If a switch works in more than 1 layer it is called multilayer switch (L3 switches).

We normally use switches heavily while implementing a network. Switches are lower in cost as compared to routers and more effective that hubs. Network switch can transmit data between end stations reliably by directing the packets of data to the intended destination.

Switches were introduced to overcome the collision issues and also flooding of the network. They were a success and now we no longer use hubs. In a private network, we use network switch as it is more flexible even when integrating with proxy servers.

** Types of Network Switches
1. Managed switch
2. Unmanaged switch
3. Smart switches
4. Enterprise managed switches

When it comes to small offices, we usually prefer unmanaged switches. The reason is because they are really cheap and provides the minimum required functionalities. Normally we have rack mounted unmanaged switches available in the market.

A managed switch comes with a higher price tag. This is a justification for the user interface built into the switch. With the UI, we can make changes to the switch configuration and tweak it to cater to our needs. However, to use a managed switch and modify it’s settings some knowledge about computer networking is mandatory. We can even update the switch through an internet connection remotely.

Smart switches are a mix of both managed and unmanaged switches. It has a web based interface and has lower flexibility when we compare it to a managed switch. It requires lesser knowledge to handle a smart switch and has auto configuration enabled.

When it comes to critical networks such as those in a huge company, we use enterprise managed network switches. There are dedicated network professionals who monitor the switch continuously and make note of traffic flows.

Network Layer of the OSI Model

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Network Layer is the Layer 3 of the OSI model. If you read my post about design issues in computer networking, you must have an idea about the problem of identifying the correct route for packet transmission. The network layer is concerned with the operation of the subnet as well.

You always have the option of pre configuring the routes as a static table in the router when there are hardly any changes in the network topology. Another method is to prepare a route when a new session begins. Still another option is to configure a dynamic routing technique where each packet in a single transmission may take different routes. This is a highly flexible method which can reduce the load on individual nodes.

Congestion control is yet another function of the network layer. Imagine the case where you have too many packets on the subnet and this causes a bottleneck. It is always desired that the efficiency of a network is very high and bottlenecks are avoided as much as possible because it will affect the entire system.

From a business perspective also network layer is very important. Most service providers charge their customers on the amount of data transfered through their networks. Different networks will have different rates based on the number of bits or characters that are transfered. The network layer can have some accounting function built into it to facilitate for billing.

One other important function of the network layer is connecting two heterogeneous networks. Two networks are almost all the time different. They have different addressing formats, different maximum packet size and so on. The network layer in the OSI model takes care of these issues so that the higher layers are provided abstraction from these issues.

CCIE Certification: 3 Ways to Become CCIE?

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If you just decided that you are well prepared to go for the best prize there is in computer networking field, then you are definitely thinking about CCIE. But doing this on your own is not an easy task to achieve. You will need to have someone who has already gone through it and know its ins and outs very well.

It’s not as easy as some might consider, and it’s not like you are deciding whether to go fishing today or not. Things are just different with CCIE. If you curious on what you need for this certification then reading this article will give you all the tips you need. The path for CCIE is usually first CCNA and finally CCIE.

** The 3 Requirements to Crack CCIE

Proven Success

For some, reputation may not come as very useful in their daily lives. But you can’t say the same thing about CCIE training vendors. That’s why if you are interested in contracting the services of such a vendor, you will first have to go online and do a lot of research to find out as much as you can about that provider. You will not want to stick with a vendor with a bad reputation that can affect your business and drive you crazy in the process.

Nowadays many vendors say that they can bring the world at your feet, offer flashy advertisements and say anything to convince you in signing a deal with them. But don’t believe in all that hype. Ask your friends, your family, and go online and read what other users have to say about them. This is the best method that’s been practiced for a long time by many people in search of information regarding their interest.

Quality of Training Material

You should know that when you’re talking about CCIE, you’re talking about something very hard. Quality material in order to train potential CCIE is something even harder to achieve. That’s why an in-depth understanding is imperative when it comes to writing quality material. But there are also other things that can come in between this, like the assigned person’s ethics and the budget he or she is working under.

Even though you may be dealing with expert CCIE, if communication can’t be established you will not benefit from this. There are some cases when grammatical mistakes or other types of troubles may come up from the CCIE that will change the meaning of their explanations and reasoning when it comes to your training, and because of this you will not be helped that much. The product they have to deliver must be free of such mistake and it has to come in a perfect condition.

Real CCIE support

If given the case you will have any doubts, questions about the material you just acquired, the support must be actively involved in your problem and provide you with feedback as soon as possible. There are vendors that claim they offer good support, but is that true? I don’t know, you will have to find that out on your own. Make sure they have contact details and feel free to put their customer support to the test. This way you will see how reliable they are.